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Q: Velocity Trigger Installation Instructions


-Check to be sure the chamber of your firearm is empty.
-Dry Fire your weapon. 
-Push out the rear take down pin and the front pivot pin 
-Remove the upper off of the lower
-Using a 1/8” punch, push out the 2 trigger pins holding in your trigger assembly. Set them aside you will reuse them.
-Remove all old trigger parts
-Remove screw from inside grip. Remove grip (carefully) Don’t lose the spring and plunger pin held in by grip. 
-Remove Safety
-Place Velocity Trigger in Lower, reuse trigger pins making sure they are centered.  
-Reinstall Safety  
-Using the provided Allen wrench, from the top of the Velocity Trigger, tighten the two 8/32 screws located to the left and right of the hammer in the aluminum trigger housing.
-Using the provided  8/32 x 1/8” set screws, install these in the same location as the first 8/32 screws tightened. These are locking screws and all work to prevent your pins from walking out. 
-Reinstall spring, plunger pin, grip and screw
-Place your thumb in front of hammer (do not let the hammer hit the Lower) It may cause damage. 
-Cock the hammer, TEST THE SAEFTY FUNCTION!!!
-Reinstall your upper.
-Congratulations, you have just made the greatest and easiest accuracy improvement to your rifle.

Q: Can I use a 9mm conversion with my Velocity Trigger?


Do Not use the Velocity Trigger with a 9mm conversion

Q: Can I use an open bolt face with my Velocity Trigger?


Do Not use the Velocity Trigger with an open bolt face.

Q: Do you recommend that I use steel-cased ammo with my Velocity Trigger?


We recommend that you use the Steel-Cased Velocity Trigger or Steel-Cased Straight Velocity Trigger with steel-cased ammo.

Q: Does Velocity Make a Trigger For Large Pin AR's?


Yes. We have both a Large Pin Straight and Standard Trigger available in 3lb or 4lb pull weights.

Q: I have a plastic AR lower Can I use a Velocity Trigger?


As long as your AR is Mil Spec the Velocity Trigger will work on your weapon

Q: Is the Velocity AR Trigger Adjustable for pull weight, Sear Engagement and Creep?


The Velocity AR Trigger is non-adjustable.

Q: Should I use lube or oil on my Velocity Trigger?


No you do not need to use lube or oil on your Velocity Trigger.

Q: What is NP3 by Robar?


NP3® metal finish offers many benefits. NP3® permits firing for longer periods of time between cleaning, dirt and powder residue have no wet or oily surface to cling to. When cleaning is required, the effort needed is minimal – usually requiring only a soft cloth.

NP3® is very corrosion resistant. It provides a high lubricity and low friction co-efficient, greatly increasing the life expectancy of a firearm due to reduced friction wear. NP3® is a satin gray, non-reflective color ideal for all firearms. 

Visit Robar NP3 for more info

Q: What is the Pull Weight Set at on A Velocity Trigger


The Velocity Trigger is set at 3 pounds of pull weight. You can also order the Velocity Trigger at 4 or 4 1/2 pounds

Q: When Instaling my Velocity Trigger, should I use lock tight?


No you do not need to use Lock tight when installing your Velocity Trigger.

Q: Will the Velocity Trigger Improve My Accruacy?


When it comes to improving your accuracy, there are two main component. The Trigger and the Barrel

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