Hello Velocity Dealers,
We wanted to reach out to you all today to let you know we have finally come to a point where we need to raise our pricing on select products.

We have been committed from day one not to raise prices, even when the rest industry has been. We have held on to our original pricing even as our raw material costs have been steadily climbing, but unfortunately we have reached a tipping point.

Our MPC Triggers and other products are going up in price slightly BUT WE ARE HOLDING THE LINE on our Classic Triggers and keeping them the absolute best value in the industry.

You can download our new pricing sheet here, but these prices are also already reflected on the VelocityTriggers.com website when you login to your dealer account.   We value you guys so much and appreciate your continued support, please let us know if you have any questions.

All the best,
Tom Vehr
Velocity Precision

The Velocity Triggers minimum advertised price (MAP) is an agreement between Velocity Triggers and all its dealers. This is so we can maintain our products value. Velocity Triggers and our dealers work hard to market and distribute our excellent quality products and we all deserve to make a profit.


  • No More than 10% off Velocity Triggers/Vehr Mfg LLC MSRP
  • If selling on Ebay or GunBroker or any auction site the price must be listed as BUY NOW no reserve or best offer.
  • No add to cart for lower price.
  • No call for discount or lower price
  • No mention of lower price on any online forums
  • When selling at gun shows no more that 10% off MSRP
  • No coupons of any kind to reduce the price below MAP
Let your customers try our triggers before they buy them right at the counter!

Dealers, we’re now offering you guys a free trigger tester for your shop if three or more triggers are added to your order.  If you’d like to have a trigger tester for your customers to use please click here to order one today.

Please note that we do not include a trigger in the trigger tester so if you don’t carry any in stock for this purpose you may want to consider getting one for your new tester. 

To get your free trigger tester use coupon code FREETRIGGERTESTER at checkout and your free tester will be added to your cart.  This coupon can only be used once per person.  Remember, in order for the coupon to work you must be purchasing and have 3 or more triggers in your cart. Every tester you order thereafter will be $18 which is our cost to manufacture them.

We want to get to know you guys, our dealers better.  Social Media is more important than ever before and we can all help each other cross promote online. Knowing who you are online helps us because we can start following you and then, when possible help cross promote you guys and drive up your following and influence online.  Likewise we need your help to spread the word online with your following.

Here’s what we need:
  1. First, we need to know who you are, we’d love for you to use the hashtag #VelocityDealer at least once or twice next time you post about our products (or on any post for that matter) just so we can identify you online as one of our dealers and we can start following you.  We have thousands of followers and it’s not always easy to tell who’s a fan and who’s a dealer.
  2. Secondly, when you do make posts about our products, please tag us with @velocitytriggers AND #VelocityTriggers when you post so we can see it, repost or otherwise help push traffic your way.
  3. We’ve added a new section to the dealer portal here on VelocityTriggers.com called “Image Library” where we’ve added and will continue to add a library of images that you can have free access to to use in your social media posts or in any other advertising efforts.

We’re always looking for new and better ways to support you guy so check in here from time to time for new update from us!