DescriptionRetail PriceCost 1-910 +
Classic Curve and Straight$164.95$123.75 $110.50
(3lb, 3.5lb, 4lb, 4.5lb)
Curve and Straight Steel Case$174.95$131.25$117.25
(4lb only)
Straight with Finger Stop Steel Case $184.95$138.75$123.95
(4lb only)
Staight with Fingerstop$174.95$131.25$117.25
(3lb, 3.5lb, 4lb, 4.5lb)
MPC Triggers and 9MM PCC (MPC style)$214.95$161.25$144.05
(3lb and 4lb)
PCC Classic Fingerstop$204.95153.75$137.35
MPC Trigger Shoes$16.95$12.75$11.50
Sentinel Trigger Guard Solid$16.95$12.75$11.50
Sentinel Trigger Guard 3 hole$19.95$14.50$13.50
Sentinel Trigger Guard Slotted$19.95$14.50$13.50
VMR Mag Release$23.95$18.00$16.50
QD EndPlate$25.95$19.50$18.00
Replacement Trigger Set Screws$5.00$5.00$5.00
Stainless Steel Shim$4.95$3.75$3.35
Adjustable Gas Block$59.9544.96$42.71
Trigger Tester$25.00$25.00$25.00