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Just dropped one of our new R700 triggers in this bad boy, let’s see about getting those groups a little tighter!
What do you do when you find a few parts laying around in the shop?
From @dead_drift_outfitters making an outstanding shot on this buck with his MPC precision trigger. Well done!
Don’t forget to pick up something nice for Valentines Day!
Fast, smooth, precise. Our classic straight with finger stop drop-in trigger.
From @mandamarza
I’m swapping out my @geissele SD-E for a @velocityprecision on my Afghan. I went with 3.5lbs weight, straight with finger stop. I’ll talk about the trigger pull later, but this is the first time I’ve EVER seen internal set screws to keep the trigger pins in place. I LOVE that. I’ve had trigger pins walk too many times on different triggers. This is such a welcome feature. Keep in mind I hate external trigger pin locks.
Both triggers from @brownellsinc
@noveske_llc Afghan
@radianweapons Raptor / Talon
@jprifles SCS H1
@primaryarms ACSS @trijicon ACOG
@louisvuitton purse
Side note, lots of dumb ass anti pew bills are being proposed in AZ. If you live there and like pews, please get involved with your local government 🙌.
Phoenix AZ
America’s #blackrifle
Phoenix AZ
The range always seems to beckon the hardest on Monday’s.
Matthews, North Carolina
What trigger is on your Remington 700? Doesn’t get much better than our fully adjustable straight with serrated flat face.
Out with the old, in with the new. It’s time for the upgrade that never stops giving back.
“Going Green” just took on a whole new meaning!