Remington 700 Trigger Installation

  1. Check to be sure the chamber of your firearm is empty.
  2. Remove bolt from your action by pressing upwards on the bolt stop release. Afterwards, detach the stock or chassis from your action and barrel.
  3. Using a punch, remove the mounting pins to release the factory trigger. Be sure not to tap the pins all the way out of the action. If you tap them all the way out the bolt release assembly will fall out, just tap it enough to remove the factory trigger.  (Note the directions in which you remove the pins because you will have to reverse this process when installing your Velocity Trigger )
  4. Remove the trigger and and install your new Velocity trigger in its place.  After inserting the new trigger, tap the pin until it is flush with the bolt release.
  5. Insert the front pin, but do not tap it in too far, otherwise it will prevent the bolt release from functioning properly.
  6. Press the bolt stop release to verify that it functions properly.
  7. Reinstall the stock or chassis to the action and barrel