Luth AR Extended AR Safety SelectorLuth AR Extended AR Safety Selector

Luth-AR Extended AR Safety Selector


The Luth-AR Extended AR Safety Selector, known as “The Switch” is a new and improved extended safety selector for all AR platform rifles and pistols.  Designed for fast switching between fire and safe in one, fluid, lighting fast motion. It’s slim design keeps it tight to your rifle’s receiver offering a snag free operation and experience. Since it’s made from 8620 Steel it’s both Lightweight and very strong. Installation is simple and only takes minutes.

The Luth-AR Extended AR Safety Selector is perfect for competition or where high-speed manipulation matters, which includes law enforcement, military and of course, hunting even when wearing gloves.

Safety Selector Features:

  • Extra large thumb pad for more solid tactile indexing
  • The safety lever is extended and skeletonized
  • High performance for faster manipulation

Made from:  8620 Steel, heat treated to 15N-89-91
Finish: Manganese Phosphate

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