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Velocity Triggers are match grade, single stage, drop-in triggers for the AR platform.

All Velocity Triggers are coated with Armor Lube DLC. ArmorLube is a next-generation diamond-like carbon firearm coating that makes all other wet lubricants obsolete and maximizes weapon performance, durability and reliability in the most extreme conditions. This gives your Velocity Trigger the highly effective combination of a low coefficient of friction and high micro-hardness.

Simply stated, the  Armor Lube DLC results in a greater wear resistance over the life of the trigger.

Finally, a high quality AR-15 trigger that makes your AR feel like a bolt action rifle.

  • Single Stage Drop In Trigger
  • Compatible with .22, .223/5.56mm and .308
  • 3lb, 3.5lb 4lb, and 4.5lb Pull Weight
  • Complete Drop-in Assembly
  • Nice, crisp, clean feel
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Important Notes
  • Do not use with 9mm conversion or open bolt face
  • For .22 rifles we recommend our Steel Case Trigger
  • Not guaranteed to fit in a Radical Firearms lower receiver
  • If you have a polymer lower, we recommend putting a Velocity stainless steel shim underneath the trigger to protect the polymer lower. Please click here to order your stainless steel shim for this purpose.
Reviews (33)

33 reviews for Classic AR Trigger – Curved

  1. T-D

    Perfect trigger at a fair price. I installed this trigger in my Colt M4 6940 and it is an excellent fighting rifle trigger. It’s crazy to pay the $ Gissele, JMT or Timney are asking for a combat trigger. Tom at Velocity has cracked the code on a high quality, affordable combat trigger. Excellent value!

  2. Matt Stand @ Island View Enterprises

    These are by far the best ‘bang’ for you buck.. I put these in all of my builds and I have yet to hear anyone say anything but they are amazing. I think I will start carrying these at our range for sale. I absolutely LOVE the product these guys are putting out.

  3. Bill Gordon

    Installed my first-ever trigger on my first-ever AR-15 in .223 (other AR-15 platforms I own are different caliber); what a breeze to install and what a difference from the factory trigger (American Spirit Arms CS-1 model; EXCELLENT build by Scott, Good trigger but not like a Velocity!). Thoroughly impressed and pleased with the Velocity trigger; buying two more for two other rifles I have.
    Thanks Velocity, and glad to see you are here in Phoenix, AZ!

  4. Pizza John

    I was given fifty rounds of twenty two lr. to last the summer in New Hampshire. I’m not picky. My kids are straight up gun snobs. They love these triggers in my AR builds. I do enjoy poking holes in other holes though. These are sweet.

  5. Chad Chapman (verified owner)

    Put it in my cheap PSA AR 15 in .223. Can’t believe the difference, well worth the price. Every AR I buy from now on will have one. I got the 3lb.

  6. Mark Fallon

    Dropped a 3lb in my Windham 11.5” AR pistol.
    Bangin steel all day at 200yds with no magnification. A must for any AR!

  7. Lynn

    I just wished I was the only retailer in the world. My business is a bit outside the box. I give all my clients a try before you buy experience. This trigger is my little secret closer. First I let them operate a base weapon and then one built along the lines of their description to me before we go on an experience trip. I try to photograph or video the look on their faces when that first round goes down range because it is priceless. I owe it all to Velocity Triggers! Simply the best!

  8. Frederick E Hughes (verified owner)

    I spent 24 years in the army and suffered with the atrocious trigger pull of military M16’s. My 1st was installed in a DPMS Panther 308 AR10 style rifle. I love the 3lb pull. I’ve had no problems with light strikes or any other malfunctions. Waiting for my 2nd trigger to arrive, the 2nd will go into a 458 SOCOM AR. I will soon build a 5.56 AR lower and this is the only trigger I will use.

  9. Bob C (verified owner)

    Tom Vehr, the owner is really helpful and a wealth of knowledge. Add the quality, the performance, the Robar coatings, the materials and the workmanship of the Velocity trigger and you have an unbeatable combination. I purchased two triggers to start and am over the top satisfied with them. I will be purchasing more for my other MSRs. 👍

  10. Brian Postel

    Started an AR pistol build last year and wanted to try out a different trigger. Read some reviews and thought I would give Velocity a try. This was one of my best decisions. I have had zero issues after 500 rounds of various manufactures and everyone who tries it, loves it . This was my first Velocity trigger, but it will not be my last.

  11. Rick

    I have several AR’s with different setups and I run these triggers in all of them. I have a couple thousand rounds through one of my guns and I have not had any issues so far. By far the best bang for your buck! Money well spent!

  12. Brandon

    Installed one of these in my AR10 308. Amazing trigger for the price. Shooting 1/2 inch groups at 300 yards.

  13. Michael

    I read a lot of articles about drop in triggers. There are many great triggers but this one stood out in its reviews and price point. I still wasn’t sure and decided to go with a CMC. When I called there was no one to speak with in sales. The operator took down my name, number and said a sales representative would get back with me Monday. I waited till Thursday and decided to call Velocity. Tom was a pleasure to speak with. He is a very honorable business man.
    The trigger was as advertised. I will be buying another in the next few weeks for my Areo Precision/BA Wylde.

  14. Eric

    Spectacular trigger, locally made, and great price.


    I am a professional gunsmith. I put this trigger in all my AR builds. Customers love ’em. The steel triggers make the new AR47 run flawless. Good Stuff

  16. kuhl78 (verified owner)

    Trigger is awesome. I would recommend anti-walk pins though. I received my trigger, pulled up the installation video, followed the instructions and dropped the trigger in with no problem. I went to the range and zeroed my rifle’s iron sights and two optics with no problems. The trigger broke crisp and my accuracy has definitely improved. However, when I did a 60 round mag dump to test the zero hold of my holographic sight, I noticed my hammer pin was missing. My trigger pin fell out on the drive home. It could be I was the lucky .001% of customers this happens to, but I would recommend ant-walks none the less. I love my 4lb trigger and I have and will continue to recommend this company to all my friends in the future.

  17. Jeff h Robertson

    I put the trigger to the challenge this morning. I love it! Breaks clean & crisp.

    I have a Ruger AR 556 out of the box, I use as my trunk rifle. Nothing but a trigger and a cheap 3×9 scope. I do hand load for it. I shot back to back groups this morning.

    #1) 200 yards was 1 1/8″ with 2 touching.

    #2) was 100yards with the first 2 were 1/2″ from each other. The 3rd bullet I pulled a little low. The group measured 1″ exactly at 100yards. I like the trigger a bunch!

    For a rifle that is nothing more than stock…. What else can a guy want. This is a GREAT Trigger!! Easy install too. I give this trigger a 5+ Star rating 🙂

  18. pablo

    5 stars. Love these. Brave browser wouldn’t let me assign any stars. I have one for all of my AR rifles and pistols. 4 pound versions except for my precision rifle and that’s a 3 pound. Going to buy an extra for the spares kit. They are rugged designs with a crisp break. Remind me of my old boyhood Remington 22 bolt action.

  19. Kevin Moakley

    I love my Velocity trigger! The build quality is evident, and it is a perfect complement for my LWRCI-DI . I bought the 4# curved trigger. Installation was as sinple as It gets! The DLC coating makes the trigger slick and wear resistant indeed! I am going to get another for my next build, FOR SURE!

  20. Robert maranino

    I installed the 4lb trigger in my windham ar15 gun was shipped with mil spec 7.8lb. Trigger installed very easy and it improved my groups great trigger at a very good price can’t say enough good things about how a very inexpensive upgrade that’s makes a really great improvement.

  21. Jerry cooper

    Easy as can be to install. Our Grandson built our 223/556 AR and with the 3 pound curved trigger it feels and shoots like a nice rifle should. My very old eyes can shoot really tight groups.

  22. Logan Dodd II

    Excellent drop in trigger. As close to a match grade trigger in a cassette format.
    I won mine at a Friends of NRA dinner, and dropped it in a AR I was building.
    It does a great job, with a clean break, and positive reset.
    I did use anti walk pins, as with almost all builds, as the cassette triggers seem to float in the lowers a bit.
    I will buy these for most of my AR builds, as most don’t require the match grade 2 stage units.
    I did try to give it 5 stars…browser is not wanting to cooperate.

  23. tucker kennedy

    I won a Velocity Precision trigger in a social media giveaway. At the time I worked at a local gun shop and had never heard of the company, so I was excited to try it out. I chose the 3lb classic curved trigger to drop in my Sig MCX. I have used and owned a handful of high-end triggers. Velocity Precision is up there with Timney and Geissele, but at a fair price. Clean break and crisp reset. Measured right at 3lbs when I tested it.The machine work is awesome and the trigger feels very good on the finger. I have personally never spoken with any other trigger company, but the firearms industry in general usually has pretty poor customer service. The guys at Velocity Precision are very nice and very helpful, which is refreshing. I am here on the website to purchase a Velocity Precision trigger for a new build because, after shooting it in my MCX for the past year and a half, I don’t want to go with any other trigger. I have maybe reviewed a product one other time in my life. These triggers are the way to go. easy 5-Stars

  24. Logan Carlisle (verified owner)

    Amazing trigger! I highly recommend it! I put it on my DPMS Oracle .308. It had what seemed to be a 20 lbs trigger weight with a 1 inch pull! It sucked! This trigger is flawless! Thank you Velocity Triggers!

  25. Guy Moore

    This is about the best “feel” in a trigger I’ve ever had. It was also a breeze to install on my AR. I can’t imagine better at this or any price point.

  26. Matthew Chinn (verified owner)

    Great trigger with super crisp break and hardly any takeup. Awesome quality for the price.Would recomend to anyone building an ar.

  27. Aris

    The best dollar for dollar value in AR triggers on the market today. You can get Geissle performance at half the cost.

  28. Jeremy

    Clean break and reset, very little travel, and even works consistently with Tula steel case ammunition.

  29. Beverly Ann Blount

    My browser won’t allow any stars but this is definitely a 5 Star trigger. I installed the 3 pound curved trigger in my AAC upper on a Ruger lower I built. You get $300 performance at half the price.

  30. Robert E Tait

    I have put three of these triggers in my AR’s, really top quality and BY FAR the best trigger out there, dollar for dollar.

  31. Leon G Barnett

    I’ve had my 3lb Velocity Trigger in my AR since 2016, and I’ve loved it ever since. Very crisp, no creep, minimal overtravel, great reset. It installed easily and has worked flawlessly thru many, many rounds. Great job guys!.

    I give it 5 stars, but the website would not take a rating 🙁

  32. Todd Wynsma (verified owner)

    I put this trigger in my first Aero Precision build and I was very impressed with the ease of installation, clean crisp break and reset and overall feel of this trigger! I will be installing another one in my off the shelf Great Lakes AR-15.

  33. Robert Olson (verified owner)

    I have these in my AR’s .223/.556 and 300 black out. What a difference from the stock triggers. Install was very easy, almost no take up, crisp break and very short tactical reset. I got the 4lb and it is just perfect for me, have put about 1,000 rounds through them and couldn’t be happier.

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