Steel-Cased AR Trigger (For Steel Case Ammo)

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The Velocity AR Trigger “Steel Case” version features a stronger hammer and hammer spring to improve performance with steel case ammo, but can be used with traditional brass ammo as well including .22 rifles – If you shoot a lot of steel case ammo this is the trigger for you!  Available in 4lb trigger pull weight only

Velocity Triggers are match grade, single stage, drop-in triggers for the AR platform.

The latest innovation from Velocity Triggers is our use of Armor Lube DLC. ArmorLube is a next-generation diamond-like carbon firearm coating that makes all other wet lubricants obsolete and maximizes weapon performance, durability and reliability in the most extreme conditions. This gives your Velocity Trigger the highly effective combination of a low coefficient of friction and high micro-hardness.

Simply stated, the  Armor Lube DLC results in a greater wear resistance over the life of the trigger.

Finally, a high quality AR-15 trigger that makes your AR feel like a bolt action rifle.

  • Single Stage Drop In Trigger
  • Compatible with .22, .223/5.56mm and .308
  • 4 Lb Pull Weight
  • Complete Drop-in Assembly
  • Nice, crisp, clean feel
Important Notes
  • Do not use with 9mm conversion or open bolt face
  • Not guaranteed to fit in a Radical Firearms lower receiver
  • If you have a polymer lower, we recommend putting a Velocity stainless steel shim underneath the trigger to protect the polymer lower. Please click here to order your stainless steel shim for this purpose.
Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Steel-Cased AR Trigger (For Steel Case Ammo)

  1. Dean Gamburd

    I’ve put over 2000 rounds of steel and brass cased ammo through one of my 7.62×39 AR builds using this trigger with zero failure to fire. I am so pleased with the way this trigger feels and functions, I have converted all of my other AR’s over to Velocity Triggers. Velocity Triggers will certainly help shrink your group size if you do your part. I recommend this trigger when ever I can.

  2. AR’s R Us

    Was having alot of problems with light strikes on my 7.62. Installed this trigger and no more issues.
    Highly recommend to anyone with similar issues!

  3. Philip C (verified owner)

    I bought this trigger for my 7.62×39 AR. The trigger has a crisp clean break with no take-up. I have only fired 100 steel cased rounds with this trigger, so far, but have not had any problems. This is exactly what I was looking for when I bought this trigger. Thanks for a quality product that delivers what is promised.

  4. Blake Levine (verified owner)

    I purchased this trigger after reading many of the positive reviews on many sites. Also, I would like to add the military discount made this an absolute steal. I installed this trigger on my Colt 6960-CCU and, the results were OUTSTANDING! I truly believe that this trigger has the same if not better feel and function than the $250+ big name triggers on the market. The break is crisp, the take up is none existent (single stage models), and the reset is very tactile but, more importantly is the trigger doesn’t wobble or flex like some other triggers that are still in the $200 price range.This trigger is a thoroughbred disguised as a workhorse that can do everything you need it to and more. I plan to add this trigger to all my set ups in the future and, would recommend it to friends/family without hesitation. Thanks Velocity Triggers

  5. trekramb (verified owner)

    Installed in a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22.

    I have owed this trigger 2 years and cannot tell you how many thousands of rounds it has fired without a single issue. Trigger is fast and deliberate. Excellent break, tactile reset, no take up. Trigger does not move in lower, stays firm and in position. Trigger is so good the barrel is crying for help.

    FYI: The shim sold for a polymer lower would not fit my 15-22. I used some anti (walk/rotation) pins. Trigger stays tight and in place. I did not use tension or set screws that came with trigger.

    GREAT TRIGGER !! Just logged in to buy another.

  6. Steve Allen (verified owner)

    I ordered this on a Tuesday and received it in my mailbox on Friday. A piece of cake to install. I replace the trigger on a DPMS Oracle AR-15 which was gritty with a lot of travel. Consistent accuracy, even off of a bench was. was challenging. I have a 22lr conversion installed on this rifle and had had issues with failure to fire, that is what intrigued me about this drop-in unit. As soon as I got done installing this I stepped outside and went through about 50 standard velocity Federal 22lr. One word……WOW! I absolutely love this trigger. ZERO creep and 4#’s is about right for me. I believe my brother is probably on-line as I am writing this review ordering one for himself. I highly recommend this trigger!!! FIVE STARS!

  7. abraham.j.medina (verified owner)

    I ordered this on Wednesday and it was on my doorstep on Friday afternoon! Wow great shipping. Haven’t installed yet but trigger and machining look fantastic. Will be dropping this into an M4E1 Aero Precision lower. Thanks Velocity for great quality trigger at a great price and great customer service.

  8. ozliosoma (verified owner)

    My AR47 always had light primer strikes I even used the Wolff hammer spring and it never fired. I put this trigger and it shot beautifully. I was almost ready to give up on my AR47 upper. This trigger is well worth the money.

  9. Zachary

    Installed in a 15-22, the gun now fires twice or fails to reset I’m a very experienced shooter and I’ve built multiple AR’s and haven’t had this issue and customer service seems to be non-existent so buy with caution

    • Tom Vehr

      It sounds like you need to tighten the installation screws. Remove the two 8-32 x 1/8 lock screws we provided and tighten the installation screws torque them really good you can not over tighten with the Allen wrench we provided.
      Then reinstall the lock screws and you should be good to go.

  10. S. Thompson

    Haven’t been to the range yet but am not worried about ignition–the hammer is strong AF. Simple to install. Been trying hard to detect any creep, and am not sure that have been able to do that. Zero take up, crisp as a mountain breeze, miniscule reset, outstanding. Not a fan of light triggers in combat weapons, the 4lbs is just right, Goldilocks baby. Kudos Velocity..

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