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Velocity Triggers are match grade, single stage, drop-in triggers for the AR platform.

The Marksman Performance Choice Trigger is a single stage, drop-in trigger designed to give you more customization options and improve your finger’s position on the trigger. Each trigger shoe is  3/8″ wide vs. the standard 1/4″ width of a standard trigger giving it a greater tactile feel. It’s compatible with the AR platform and together with our MPC Series’ Sentinel Trigger Guard it’s an unbeatable combination that performs like no other.

Our MPC Triggers are coated with Armor Lube DLC. ArmorLube is a next-generation diamond-like carbon firearm coating that makes all other wet lubricants obsolete and maximizes weapon performance, durability and reliability in the most extreme conditions. This gives your Velocity Trigger the highly effective combination of a low coefficient of friction and high micro-hardness.

Simply stated, the  Armor Lube DLC results in a greater wear resistance over the life of the trigger.

Finally, a high quality AR-15 trigger that makes your AR feel like a bolt action rifle.

  • Single Stage Drop In Trigger
  • Compatible with .22, .223/5.56mm and .308
  • 3lb, 3.5lb 4lb, and 4.5lb Pull Weight
  • Complete Drop-in Assembly
  • Nice, crisp, clean feel

Please note: If you select the MPC Trigger Shoe “Straight with Finger Stop” you may want to consider purchasing one of our trigger guards as well.  The Straight with Finger Stop shoe has clearance issues if you’re using a mil spec (flat) trigger guard due to it’s longer design.

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Important Notes
  • Do not use with 9mm conversion or open bolt face
  • For .22 rifles we recommend our Steel Case Trigger
  • Not guaranteed to fit in a Radical Firearms lower receiver
  • If you have a polymer lower, we recommend putting a Velocity stainless steel shim underneath the trigger to protect the polymer lower. Please click here to order your stainless steel shim for this purpose.
Reviews (19)

19 reviews for MPC Triggers

  1. Rob Rogers

    This is a great trigger, easy install, functions just as advertised. Really clean crisp break. If only the silver trigger shoe color was available when I ordered the trigger 2 weeks ago!

  2. Karl Riboul (verified owner)

    For me, this is trigger works best.
    I have been looking for a type trigger that can be comfortable for my index finger.
    With multiple trigger shoes to chose from, I am a happy camper.

  3. jpbarcy (verified owner)

    Just got done installing and shooting the flat serrated 3lb MPC trigger. This is an easy install drop in trigger that shoots amazing. I highly recommend this trigger it improves speed and accuracy. Called them and spoke with Tom, really nice customer service and a great product made in the USA…look forward to converting all my triggers to velosity triggers.

  4. blackwood05 (verified owner)

    Love it stylish and works fantastic

  5. Brian Coffman (verified owner)

    This is a great trigger!! Cool colors and very fast shipping. I highly recommend this company.

  6. paladinservices

    I’ve just purchased four of these for our Church Youth Camp Shooting Range and I am very impressed with these Triggers. First off, the Break is so Crisp, smooth and clean getting there. You don’t have that scratchy feeling that most Triggers give you on the way to the break point. Then we have the reset. Most Triggers have an Exponential path to the reset but not these ones. The reset is smooth and linear, the release weight remains consistent until reset has happened. The Trigger pull weight is light enough for the Pro to win every time and yet heavy enough to not worry about accidentally setting it off. All in all, a great Trigger no matter what the price. Buy one for every one of your AR’s, you won’t be disappointed. I’m not.

  7. carrjf1 (verified owner)

    Best Trigger I own for an AR platform. This MPC trigger is the ultimate trigger for XL-XXL handed people. I have installed this trigger along with an ERGO Tactical Deluxe Grip and the improvement to centering the pad of my trigger finger could not be better. My grouping has improved immensely and is comfortable shooting in any position. The crisp 3 lb break, and reset make it a easy system to get back on track and shoot another round. It is smooth, no rough plus or resets at all. It is a flawless trigger for what ever AR platform you put it in. As for ruggedness. I have a velocity Classic in my M-4, and have 1000’s of rounds through it with out any hiccups or service issues. Never once a failure to fire on any of my platforms with this system. If you’re going to put the effort into purchasing a trigger. This is the one to buy. Hands down, I have other triggers from the big manufactures and I will gladly put this system up against any one of them, and have!! No disappointments here. Thanks Tom, for a great product.

  8. Oscar Valles

    Love the trigger! I have it in both my Daniel Defense 300BLK & FN15

  9. Brad Townsend (verified owner)

    This trigger is amazing! The light trigger pull is so smooth and absolutely no reset travel! I have to say I am extremely glad I bought this trigger. I installed this trigger in an 80% lower I built with PSA 10.5 upper and has greatly improved accuracy and and able to get back on target faster with follow-up shot. I also like the fact you can change out trigger shoe for a versatility of the different type of shooting I like to do. The price is great compared to other triggers twice the price with not as great a feel. Thanks Velocity for great product at great price! I will be purchasing more for my other guns and gun builds!!

  10. j1872pd (verified owner)

    This company and it’s products are top drawer PERIOD! Found this site through social media and word of mouth. Good news really does travel just as fast as bad news and I am happy to report I have 0 bad news. I’ve purchased three MPC triggers and a few other products for my current and past AR15 builds but the talk I had with Mr Vehr was what is most impressive. I called with a simple question and what I got was a 20min call with a direct answer and little history behind his talent and the building of his web site. How often can anyone say these days that they actually talked to the owner of any company, usually never. The MPC triggers have functioned flawlessly and are simple to install. The classic AR15 drop in trigger is the exact same. Absolutely flawless operation. Velocity triggers will be my very first choice for any new build and my first recommendation to anyone looking for a high end trigger at an affordable price. Simply put you can’t go wrong choosing these triggers and their other offered products. Shipping is fast. I live in VA and Velocity triggers is out of AZ, I have yet to wait over 5 to 7 days to get my orders. To all the folks at Velocity Triggers thank you so very much for your due diligence to precision and shipping and hard work. Mr Vehr thank you for finally going on your own. Your company and the products that are produced are and will be my go to for all my future builds and purchases that need upgrades. Also thanks for the cool chat. Love that down home feeling of trust and high quality products on a paycheck like mine. Y’all take care please be safe.

  11. David Kitchen (verified owner)

    I saw a YOUTUBE Video on Velocity Triggers and accessories. I was immediately impressed! I ordered the 3 lb Trigger, Trigger Guard & Mag Release. Having completed the installation on my AR Pistol and having taken numerous trips to the range, all I can say is WOW! Without reservation, this is the finest Trigger I’ve ever owned or experienced!!! EVERYONE applauds the amazing appearance; those who shoot my AR that has the Velocity Trigger find themselves in awe. That is not an embellishment. They say what I initially said, “How am I just now learning of Velocity Triggers?!” The pre-travel, trigger pull weight, reset and everything is utter perfection. And the accessories only add to the perfection. I have firearms with triggers from Gisselle, Timney, Volquartsen, JP, and many others – none of them compare. Most are twice the price of Velocity and none are even in the same league.

    I’m getting ready to order another trigger and trigger guard! Velocity has made me a loyal customer for life!

    With Great Appreciation,
    David Kitchen

  12. Johnny R (verified owner)

    Excellent trigger! Very easy installation and fits like a glove. Feels great when shooting and looks good too. Customer service was excellent and Velocity Triggers supports veterans. Very happy with the purchase. Thank you!


  13. Jynx (verified owner)

    100% happy with this setup. Zero slack take up and zero creep. The 3lb trigger is light but still has a solid feel. Nice clean and crisp. Short reset as well. Money well spent, and customer service is top notch!

  14. Darren Miles

    Wow, wow, wow. That’s about all I can say. Have the red flat serrated with finger stop in my .223 wylde and loving it . Now for the blue in my 300 blackout.

  15. Nick Luberacki (verified owner)

    After looking at countless other companies (and listening to my sergeant fan girl over Geissele) no disrespect to Geissele, but I couldn’t afford to put a $250+ trigger into my build.
    I went to YouTube and found a video reviewing this trigger. After doing more research and seeing how this trigger was different in appearance and got great reviews, I took a chance.
    This trigger absolutely blew me away with how crisp it was.
    I decided to let the Geissele fan girl shoot it even after initially bashing the fact I went with a different brand. Even he was blown away with the triggers performance at a fraction of the price.
    I would highly recommend this trigger to anyone in the market. Over time I intend to swap out all of my stock triggers with this and will continue to add it to builds down the road.

    My only question still remaining is if this would be compatible in an AR10 platform build such as a creedmoor?

    • Tom Vehr

      Thanks for the review.
      Yes the Velocity Triggers are compatible with the AR10 platform.

  16. rml21966 (verified owner)

    I have had this trigger in my full size AR 15 for 4 months. This is a GREAT trigger. It Changed the way I shoot. I bought the 3lb trigger and I feel its just a little bit to lite for me. I recently ordered the 4lb trigger to install in my AR15 Pistol. Have not received it is of this post, but if its ANYTHING like the first one I bought, its going to be a HOTROD!!!!!!

  17. aaroneousmaximus

    Velocity products allow me to shoot better. I recently purchased my second MPC Trigger and Magazine Release. The indexable shoe means set for me, not just forward. Zero takeup and an immediate reset. The MPC I started with last year has sent nearlly 1200 rounds down range flawlessly. I am confident my Velocity products will continue to perform reliably for years to come.

  18. Leon Rodgers (verified owner)

    I love this trigger I have them in all of my guns.

  19. scottebbeling (verified owner)

    This MPC trigger is the best trigger I’ve ever used. Absolutely great trigger. Tell your friends and they’ll love you for it.

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