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The Marksman Performance Choice Trigger is a drop-in trigger designed to give you more customization options and improve your finger’s position on the trigger. Each trigger shoe is  3/8″ wide vs. the standard 1/4″ width of a standard trigger giving it a greater tactile feel. It’s compatible with the AR platform and together with our MPC Series’ Sentinel Trigger Guard it’s an unbeatable combination that performs like no other.

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6 reviews for MPC Triggers

  1. Rob Rogers

    This is a great trigger, easy install, functions just as advertised. Really clean crisp break. If only the silver trigger shoe color was available when I ordered the trigger 2 weeks ago!

  2. Karl Riboul (verified owner)

    For me, this is trigger works best.
    I have been looking for a type trigger that can be comfortable for my index finger.
    With multiple trigger shoes to chose from, I am a happy camper.

  3. jpbarcy (verified owner)

    Just got done installing and shooting the flat serrated 3lb MPC trigger. This is an easy install drop in trigger that shoots amazing. I highly recommend this trigger it improves speed and accuracy. Called them and spoke with Tom, really nice customer service and a great product made in the USA…look forward to converting all my triggers to velosity triggers.

  4. blackwood05 (verified owner)

    Love it stylish and works fantastic

  5. Brian Coffman (verified owner)

    This is a great trigger!! Cool colors and very fast shipping. I highly recommend this company.

  6. paladinservices

    I’ve just purchased four of these for our Church Youth Camp Shooting Range and I am very impressed with these Triggers. First off, the Break is so Crisp, smooth and clean getting there. You don’t have that scratchy feeling that most Triggers give you on the way to the break point. Then we have the reset. Most Triggers have an Exponential path to the reset but not these ones. The reset is smooth and linear, the release weight remains consistent until reset has happened. The Trigger pull weight is light enough for the Pro to win every time and yet heavy enough to not worry about accidentally setting it off. All in all, a great Trigger no matter what the price. Buy one for every one of your AR’s, you won’t be disappointed. I’m not.

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