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The Marksman Performance Choice (MPC) PCC Trigger is a single stage, match-grade drop-in trigger – now available for pistol caliber carbines! Our 9mm/ PCC trigger is a drop-in trigger for any standard AR-15 style pistol caliber carbine as well as the Sig Sauer MPX PCC. Perfect for the competition shooter and designed to give you more customization options and improve your finger’s position on the trigger, Our MPC 9mm/PCC trigger shoe is 3/8″ wide rather than the standard 1/4″ width of a standard trigger. This gives it a greater tactile feel and together with our MPC Series’ Sentinel Trigger Guard it’s an unbeatable combination that performs like no other. The Velocity PCC Trigger comes in 4lb pull weight only.

Our MPC Triggers are coated with Armor Lube DLC. ArmorLube is a next-generation diamond-like carbon firearm coating that makes all other wet lubricants obsolete and maximizes weapon performance, durability and reliability in the most extreme conditions. This gives your Velocity Trigger the highly effective combination of a low coefficient of friction and high micro-hardness.

Simply stated, the  Armor Lube DLC results in a greater wear resistance over the life of the trigger



Important Notes
  • Not guaranteed to fit in a Radical Firearms lower receiver
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7 reviews for 9MM/PCC TRIGGER (MPC Series)

  1. Joshua Grayson

    Would this trigger be ok to use in my Stag 9 Tactical? Its a dedicated 9mm AR lower with blow back system.

    I pray to god I can use this trigger. I just watched a few youtube videos by Tactical Toolbox and I fell in love with the look of these triggers. PLEASE TELL ME I CAN BUY THIS DAMN TRIGGER SYSTEM FOR MY STAG 9!

    • Tom Vehr

      Yes our 9mm/PCC Trigger will work in your Stag 9 Tactical

  2. Jose Villegas

    hey brother will trigger work on a AR 15 lower with an 9mm upper?

    • Tom Vehr


  3. Ringo (verified owner)

    Mr. Vehr, I love your product. You’ve made an over the top trigger that’s still affordable, suited for high end rifles and pistols. I use your triggers in every last one of my builds these days. I’m here to ask if you believe that your 9mm/PCC assembly is safe to use with Buffalo Bore 40 S&W plus P ammo. My current build will have both a 9mm and a 40 S&W upper sharing a common lower, 9mm out of a 7.5″ barrel for pliking and 40 S&W out of a 5.5″. Therefore the 40 S&W will see relatively little range time past sight in. What do you think?

  4. Dan

    Will this trigger work in a palmetto arms ak-v?

    • Mike Dickerman

      No, our PCC triggers are designed specifically for PCC rifles in the AR platform.

  5. Mark Luiso

    Would this be a good fit with the New Frontier C-5 lower (mp mags) build?

    • Tom Vehr


  6. christopher anderson

    will this fit a core industries hardcore c9 pistol?

  7. Antwan sanders

    Will this trigger fit in a cz scorpion

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